Yoga Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga
Intermediate Yoga

These classes are aimed at those who have never attempted yoga or those who require a refresher session. Moving through postures at a slow and steady pace bringing awareness and focus on the alignment of the body. Correct positioning of the various body parts is to me an essential part of yoga, as through a firm foundation, the body can move into and out of various postures in a relaxed state, absorbing all the benefits the postures bring. Breathing (Prananyama) is another integral part of yoga. It is often the first thing we struggle with as we face the business of our daily lives. Most disease in the body stems from incorrect breathing, and so I focus extensively on breath as we flow through the postures. Breathing correctly every day, through all situations, will ultimately improve your life.

Once beginners have a firm foundation they may choose to move into an intermediate class.

Moving, flowing and breathing from one posture into another through beautiful sequences, which allow the body to explore into expansiveness. Classes start with a relaxation period on the mat (supine), followed by flowing postures which will ultimately result in a relaxation period, which is aimed at completely letting go of the body and allowing the postures completed to work their magic on the body, bringing it into a place of calm and wellbeing.

For those who seek a more challenging yoga practice this is available to you in the Intermediate classes as there is capacity to advance within each posture and I will be guiding this process.

This is an incredible sequence of postures that bring the body into a space of calm and wellbeing, balancing both the endocrine and lymphatic systems. Each posture is designed to be in the specific place in the sequence for a specific reason, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body. Most of us struggle to relax and let go of ourselves due to the stressful environment we may find ourselves in and this impacts on our ability to sleep, resulting in bodies that are a burden to us. Through consistent practice of this sequence the body functions optimally and behaves as it was designed to. Having been through an extensive program for a month in India, I can personally say that I have observed and witnessed improvements in health that were truly astounding. The sequence focuses on relaxation, postures and breath, as a body that has the capacity to let go and move with breath, has tremendous capacity to heal. This sequence is available to all levels.